We have spent the last few months fixating on getting out of isolation. Now, as we ease out of lockdown, the idea of leaving the safe spaces we have created might not feel as cathartic as we thought it would be. Let’s talk about how we can give ourselves a post-lockdown confidence boost to our self-esteem.

Over the last 3+ months, our routine has been flipped on its head. Everything we deemed integral to balanced living has been pushed to the back of our priority list to make room for new needs. Self-care, grooming, how we eat, how we exercise and how often we socialise. We adapted to make the most of what we thought would be a living hell. We have made the most of this opportunity to nurture our minds, rest and reset our bodies, reconnect with loved ones and to ground ourselves. Comfort became the new cool. Slow became the new fast.

Now, all of a sudden, we are being asked to emerge from our comfort caves in our sweatpants with unkempt hair and a few extra pounds. Does anyone else feel like they have only just had the time to really settle into their new routine? Such is life…

Do not panic. As your new life-coach in residence, I am here to assure you that you have got this. We went into this pandemic together, we will come out of it together too. Headfirst.

Step 1: Get your head right

No, I do not mean get a haircut. No one has time for that right now! It is time to bring your mental health to the top of your to-do list. Your thoughts create your feelings which dictate your actions, your mood and the results that you produce. By thinking about the right things, your self-esteem will thrive.

Step 2: Look Forward

Berating yourself for putting on a few pounds, having a tipple or two every night, and forgetting about your basic grooming routine will now rectify any of that. Judging yourself for the decisions you have made over the last ten weeks will not help anyone. You have literally justs survived a pandemic, the kind of situations they make movies about. Comforting yourself was the right decision for you at the time. Now, we can start to create new and healthy routines.

Step 3: Take a Reality Check

Being healthy and being a few pounds lighter are not always the same thing. One size is not more attractive than another. There is no such thing as perfection or rejection, we have spoken about this before, have we not..? So let’s step away from #sixpacksofinstagram and remember that scars and stretch marks are signs of living.

Step 4: Stop Caring What Other People Think About You

You do not have any control over what another person thinks about you. Worrying about this does not make you more attractive and / because it does not help your self-esteem or your confidence. What will, however, help your self-esteem is teaching yourself to let go of these thoughts. Enjoy the feeling of letting go of other peoples judgements too. Most people are far too busy thinking about what others think of them to concern themselves with what they think of you.

If I leave you with one thought to carry with you through today it is that ‘those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind’. The only person who I care what they think about you is you.

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