Updated: Jul 7, 2020

To my other half, I am very sorry for any part I played in poorly navigating this mornings conversation. We never seem to be very good at dealing with these things in a rush. I’m not sure if you see it this way, but from my perspective, in lockdown we created a mechanism built on habits and communication that allowed us to both do what we each needed or wanted while making room for regular quality time. Understandably, it took a little while to get there but eventually we both knew the difference between our own time and our time together. As a result, we were able to make the most of both. We worked hard to avoid holding each other back and any disappointment at the same time. Time for work, time for walks, time to lie there and cuddle. Time for conversations with each other as well as our friends. Time to talk about the near future like what we were doing at the weekend as well as look further and try to establish just how much hanging space we will need on what quickly became our animal-less farm. Though, in all honesty, I guess I had expected these same mechanisms to work as we came out of the lockdown situation, it does make total sense that as we move back towards real life together, in reality, some of them probably won’t. And that is also totally OK. I also accept that I was not perfect on the communication front before lockdown, but I have gained an enormous amount of happiness and satisfaction from doing things better. Though I accept that life is going to change now, I would like to play my part in making sure that it does in a positive way and not one that causes any upset or anxiety for either of us. Just as we did when we were in lockdown, I believe that we can work together to create new mechanisms that are much more flexible but still just as effective. Ones that would allow us to both to be free as individuals while not making either of us feel neglected as part of our team. Under no circumstances do I want to be an anchor to you, but I would like to be able to plan and live with what you need and want to do in mind. All this will take is openness, understanding, good communication and a firm belief that we are both on the same side. I hope that you can see that all I am asking is for us both to make an effort to communicate and work together to set aside a small but meaningful amount of quality time. I hope you are having a good day and I look forward to talking more later on Xx

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