Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Rebalancing Gender roles in 2020

Gender equality in our society may not be perfect yet, but something needed to change, and it certainly has. As female empowerment and feminist voices grew in a very short period of time, a feeling of liberation and pride in being a women quite rightly grew alongside it. For many people this only felt like one side of the story. In this same timespan, mental health problems continued to grow and suicide became the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK.

The Evolution of Gender Roles; what does this mean for men's mental health?

As manners became ‘patronising’ and past behaviours had to be reevaluated, men quietly confided that they no longer knew what was right or wrong.

“Can I hold a door open for a women?” “Am I offending her if I offer to pay the bill?”

These are all behaviours that needed to be questioned, yes, but what good is this gender-rebalancing if people plan on pulling the ladder up behind them? To me, liberation isn’t sustainable or lasting if it weighs down on others.

Isn’t the point of feminism equality? Isn’t the point of liberation happiness, and the power to feel comfortable in your own skin?

Change will only happen when diverse groups of people work together. Genders, and those who identify with no gender, all levels of ability whether it be mental or physical, all perspectives, people, people who speak on behalf of other people, people who speak on behalf of our planet, our trees, our seas or our animals. Everyone, together.

Founding 'Let's Get Mental'

Let’s Get Mental is an online community created to change the narrative surrounding masculinity, to enable old fashioned conceptions of weaknesses to become strengths, and to champion a community of people who help others realise that they are not the only one struggling. Let’s get men talking.

Check it out on Instagram, @letsgetmental_

Whilst women learned their real rights and cast away the shackles of everything they had ever been told, men have become weighed down by what it meant to ‘be a man’. Shamed, to some extent. This is why I started Let’s Get Mental, and why I am so invested in The Y Code. These platforms rebalance the ideas associated with toxic gender behaviours and empower people to be themselves. Once the balance truly exists, it won’t matter whether a man or a women cries, chops the wood, or wears make-up to cover up their long week. We will build communities based on mindset, interests and values rather than gender. But for now, we need safe spaces for groups of people who feel they need them. This is The Y Code. A helping hand, a Book of whY, a practical guide to living as a man in the 2020’s and beyond.

Yes, change has started, but will only truly come when people become comfortable with open conversation, and when we are accepting of others. When we are able to speak freely about health, mind, work, money, love, fashion, culture, environment, alternative medicines and other ex-faux pas, we can truly create positive social change. This is The Y Code.

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