It's normal to feel as though your skin type, or skin concerns, intensify during seasonal change - especially in the winter. If you have dry skin sometimes in the summer, the start of winter can see increased dryness and even cracking, especially on the face, lips and hands.

Is it necessary to go through this painful skin transition every year? Let's take a look at why your skin drys out in winter, and what we can do to look after our skin as we move into colder climates.


With structural differences compared to women's skin, men's skin is around 25% thicker with a tougher texture. At the same time, men can often be less savvy on the skincare front. Finally, we shave. All of this builds up to increased dryness. A simple understanding of what is best for your skin at different times of the year well help reduce the discomfort of dry skin.

Do's and Don'ts of Men's Skincare

Here are some simple steps to get your started on the journey to a more comfortable winter:


  • Moisturize liberally; use moisturizer at least twice a day, and always after washing your face

  • Be proactive; don't wait until your skin is dry before you start to moisturise

  • Use skincare designed for men and for your skintype; head into a store and ask lots of questions

  • Buy a lipbalm for every pocket; one lipbalm is like a needle in a haystack

  • Exfoliate; using a gentle exfoliator will remove any dead cells without adding insult to injury, this will allow your skin to take in your moisturizer


  • Don't skimp on shaving cream; hair growth and shaving both already make your skin vulnerable to dryness, so give your facial skin every chance you can of retaining moisture

  • Don't forget the eyes; eye skin is delicate and sensitive, look after it with create designed for the eye area to avoid dark circles fine lines

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