Looking After Yourself in Lockdown II

As the UK moves into another lockdown, and other parts of the world are in a similar position, we have an advantage we did not have last time we went into lockdown - we have done this before. Whilst the memory of our earlier, longer lockdown will bring back moments of angst for all of us, there is a lot we can do to support ourselves and support those we need it most.

What can we do to protect our mental health and stay in tune with our emotional wellbeing as we move into another lockdown?

Adapting a Lockdown Self-Care and Mental Wellbeing Mindset

Be kind to yourself

In the last lockdown many people started to build some pretty big goals. This lockdown is only four weeks, so whilst we believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, be kind to yourself and remember our bodies and minds already have a lot to deal with. Set small, achievable goals and appreciate yourself when you manage to complete each one. If you do not manage to reach a goal, reevaluate whether this really is the right time or whether you can break your goal down into smaller, achievable steps.

Practice mental fitness

Be aware of what brings your mood up, and what brings your mood down. Some people keep note of how they feel after various activities by noting down the activity and rating it with an emoji. Ask yourself if this is a good time to be over or under exercising, eating and sleeping. Is it a good idea to drink? How can you stay social remotely? What activities elevate your mood?

Focus on the opportunities

By seeing challenges as an opportunity to learn, you never fail, you simply grow. Rather than focusing on the things you cannot do during this time, think about the things that you can do for yourself and for others.

How can you help?

One of the major we reconnected with during the last lockdown was our sense of community. Whilst it is important we put on our own oxygen masks first, is there anyone you can safely and easily help once we have had the time to ground ourselves?


If you are struggling, reach out for help. If you think someone else might be struggling, ask if they are ok? We know this is easier said than done - we find that asking someone how they are out of ten can spark a more open and honest conversation by making people think about how they really feel in that moment.

Apps & resources for lockdown

Here are a few apps we love that we think might help with the above recommendations:

  • Centr; for eating and fitness

  • Minderful; for mental fitness ideas

  • Samaritans; 24/7 mental health helpline

We wish you all the best for the second lockdown. If there are any other articles we can write to support you during this time, please reach out.

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