We have undoubtedly just been through a massive change. Some are viewing the way we are living during this period as a short term measure and others as something that will change the way that we live for good.

My personal favourite perspective is that many evolutionary or cultural changes that we have been on the verge of have been sped up by the situation. This temporary adjustment has allowed us to seek, understand and get to know products, services and lifestyle choices that would otherwise have needed longer to take hold.

These advancements include the way we communicate with colleagues and clients, the way we stay in touch with family and friends, the way we access food and our attitude towards travel.

Long term, adopting these new mechanisms and attitudes could have a potentially positive impact on our environment, the people around us and ourselves.

Specifically, in regards to wellbeing, some of the ways that we can expect the world to change include:

How we maintain our health and access related resources

Our newly evolving prevention mindset will shift towards analysis and monitoring of ongoing health. This will be inspired by both an aspiration for a higher level of wellbeing and respect for the valuable resources that can remain strong for when we need them.


Celebrated for the fact that it is so efficient and surprisingly effective, at-home fitness is likely to remain a significant part of our workout routines.

Compassion & Empathy

Amazing steps we have taken towards equality are likely to shift to genuine empathy and understanding as the virus demonstrates that at the end of the day, we are all the same.


During this period, we have had to define our digital and physical villages. This feeling of community and our roles and purpose within them will remain. 


How we view ourselves and our relationship with others as we build a global community in which everyone can be distinct but truly belong.

Our relationship with Technology

The services that have had to get to know under these circumstances will become a seamless and integrated part of our lives.

Our relationship with time

Busy is no longer a status symbol; this time to reflect will allow us to use every moment wisely and experience on our terms.

Our attitudes towards our Planet & Sustainability

The benefits to the planet that have come from this unprecedented pause are an undeniable indication that how we act can make a difference. Seeing this will allow us to make decisions and reinvent with this in mind.

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