In the last few years we have had the importance of washing our hands imprinted onto our brains, yet, when it comes to mens wellbeing we rarely hear about the importance of washing our face.

Think about it, any dirt, bacteria and grime that comes into contact with your fingers or your phone are likely to end up on your face.

Touching your face as you read this? Thought so. Let's take a look at why face wash is an important part of your daily routine.


We can split the benefits of washing your face into three parts; short term, mid term and long term.

The short term benefits of using face wash

In the short-term, washing your face is not only good hygiene, it can improve your overall complexion. This isn’t just about your looks. Your skin is your biggest organ and the strongest indicator of your overall wellbeing on the inside as well as on the outside. If washing your face also happens to make you look healthier, then great. You deserve to look as good as you feel.

The mid term benefits of washing your face

In the mid-term, you may notice that your spots come up in the same area each time. Maybe that’s where your toothpaste is left overnight, where you touch the most or where your phone comes into contact with your face. It could also be your skin telling you that you are eating too much sugar, drinking too much booze, or not getting enough sleep.

The long term benefits of washing your face

How about the long-run? Ever notice big, open pores on the nose of older men? This is caused by bacteria stacking up in the pores over a long period of time. The repeat blemishes we spoke about in the mid-term can end up scaring too.

In short, your skin needs a helping hand.

Some skin types may require special attention, so if you do have acne, or any skin concerns then please get in touch with your GP. Your skin might be trying to tell you something.


There are several different types of face wash, from foaming to creams and more. In order to work out which type of face wash is best for your skin, first you need to understand your skin type.

What's your skin type?

There are five key skin types that are useful to know when finding the right skincare.

  1. Oily skin consists of greasy areas with large pores, especially around the nose, cheeks, brow and chin

  2. Dry skin may have red, rough or flakey patches

  3. Combination skin is usually made up of an oily t-zone and try areas too

  4. Normal skin refers to a clear, balanced complexion

  5. Sensitive skin will react to certain products and ingredients

What type of face wash is best for my skin?

Each skin type will benefit from a different type of face wash.

  1. For oily skin, consider foaming gel and exfoliating cleanser

  2. For dry skin, use cleaning cream and cleansing balm

  3. If you have combination skin, use foaming gel and exfoliating cleanser

  4. Normal skin will benefit from a cleansing bar and cleansing balm

  5. Depending on the ingredients, cleansing balms can be great for sensitive skin


There are a lot of face washes out there, you need just one or two to create the right routine for your skin. Here are our most recommended, tried and tested.

Foaming Gel - Clarins Active Face Wash

Best for / Oily or Combination Skin

Aesop Purifying Cream Cleanser

Best for / Normal to Dry Skin

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Best for / Normal to Sensitive Skin

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar

Best for / All Skin Types

Heath Face Wash

Best for Oily, Acne-prone and Combination Skin