I have been using Centr for nearly six months now. I would say that it has been the most significant single step forward in physical wellbeing that I have ever experienced.

With a balance of roughly 60% Exercise, 30% Nutrition and 10% mindfulness, there are many benefits to this holistic wellbeing app, but the main one that stands out to me is the fact that nutrition and exercise are intrinsically linked.

Why is linking exercise and nutrition so important?

As I look back, I am happy to admit that my past belief was that exercise is everything. If I do enough sit-ups, squats or press-ups, lift enough dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells, I will be in great shape. I think that many of us start with the belief that exercise alone holds the hey.

After years of hanging around and talking to people who do know what they are talking about, statements like “it’s 80% in the kitchen.” and “you have to get the fuel that you need” finally sunk in, and I now feel fortunate to recognise how important nutrition is as part of achieving your fitness and physiological goals.

See food as the fuel you need to meet your goals.

Exercise and nutrition are like a finely balances scale; too much of one and you may not meet your goals and not enough of the other, and there is a significant chance you feel physically drained. The variables between one result and another are significantly less than you would think.

Though this revelation is, of course, a positive thing, I cannot help but feel slightly frustrated at the time I must have wasted over the years. Doing the hard part and not getting the easy part right enough to make it count. Let alone the time and financial investment spent on food choices and supplements.

The fact is that you could be scoring a ten out of ten in following an exercise plan and the same high score in sticking to a diet plan or regime. Even if they are undeniably the best in their arenas; if they are not talking to each other chances are they are not contributing in sync, and they might even be working against each other.

The good news is if you can find a way of linking these things together; your personal trainer metaphorically in daily conversation with your nutritionist. With the same amount or even less energy, you can see phenomenal results.

Why has Centr done this so successfully?

Getting into Centr, in my eyes was a little like the first time I experienced Nespresso; everything feels well thought through, linked and seems to make so much sense. The team have taken the time to think about everything that is required to get the offering right and then put the energy into ensuring that all of the variables and advice is well aligned. 

No matter if you want to lose weight, put on mass or tone up and feel great, they have a variation of the core principles that will work well for you and even allow for you to run a similar regime alongside a friend or partner.

What about the longer-term benefits?

As I got past the initial challenges that come with changing any aspect of your life and gave my trust into all of the advice that Centr had to offer, it only took a few weeks to feel the reassurance that everything was working.

I could tell that I was losing weight around the waist, but t-shirts were starting to feel a little bit tighter in all the right places. While this is enough to classify something as a tool that I tried and work but it’s the things that you get beyond that, that make you want to build it into something that becomes part of a sustainable lifestyle.

The food is tasty without making you feel like you are denying yourself of anything enjoyable. Mostly consisting of twenty to thirty-minute sessions from a host of different trainers, the exercise is varied, fun and efficient.

Moving past the belief that to eat well, you have to spend more, I have saved a fortune on food. In getting the true nutritional value from the food I eat, I have saved more money I used to spend on unnecessary supplements and seen improvements in my energy, hair and skin.

In terms of time, it probably takes an average of ten to fifteen minutes to prepare each meal. I have saved an hour from my morning routine, even more time I used to spend queuing in restaurants at their busiest times, and I also do not have to invest time running around in circles, wondering where my next meal is coming from or what it is going to be.

Honestly, the benefits are clear, and I struggle to see the downside.

In conclusion

I started with Centr looking to get a little bit more from my exercise goals and have found a sustainable lifestyle model that I can credit it for fuelling me through my 19-hour workdays, with enough left in the tank to enjoy my weekends. I’d also thank it for some many of the emotional benefits that come with looking good and feeling better.

The only thing I can imagine being better than this is a full-time trainer and nutritionally trained chef. While I very much hope that could potentially be a reality one day, for now, I’ll continue to invest my £94 a year happily.

While sticking to a program like this can see fast results, we also recommend balancing it out with regular breaks, which are healthy for your body and mind. Most importantly doing this increases the chance of creating sustainable habits, as opposed to a short term binge.

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