Dryness, flaking, cracks and bleeding are all signs of poor lip health and are more common in men than women. Dry lips are usually more notable between changing seasons, and as we enjoy the full swing of summer it's important to understand what your lips are trying to tell you about your bodies needs in warmer weather.

Let's take a look at the causes and the cures of dry lips.


Whilst dry lips don't usually lead to serious health issues, they can be indicative of your bodies need for hydration, B vitamins or that your body in under stress. When you have dry lips, your body is trying to tell you that you are experiencing one of the following things:

  1. Lack of hydration

  2. Sun damage

  3. Harsh temperatures

  4. Frequently licking your lips

  5. Lack of vitamins

Tip // Apply lip balm early! As soon as you start to feel flaking, itchy or cracking lips.


Prevention is always quicker than cure. By being body aware, you start to understand when your body is trying to tell you something, and get ahead of the game. When you know harsh weather change is on the way, or when your lips start cracking or flaking, take the following 3 steps.

Moisturise your lips

Lip balm is the main way you can keep your lips moisturised. We recommend avoiding scented or flavoured lips balms as these can have added chemicals and dry your lips out further.

Protect your lips from sun damage

Invest in a lip balm with built in SPF or even use an SPF stick on your lips.

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty! Our skin is our biggest organ in our body and is the first to show signs of dehydration.

Create a lip care routine

Other things you can do include natural lip scrubs, exfoliating, and deeply hydrating overnight lip treatments. We take a look at the lip balm products we recommend below.


Recently we wrote about the importance of SPF for preventing skin damage, and often preach about the importance of understanding the ingredients in your skincare. Below we look at considerations to make when buying your lips balm, as well as our top 5 recommendations.

What to consider when buying your next lip balm

  1. Check for natural ingredients ie, beeswax or Carnauba wax

  2. How long does it last?

  3. Does it have SPF?

  4. Is it coloured or tinted?

  5. Look for simple, petroleum-based jelly products

  6. We highly recommend you try the weekly lip scrub, it’s a great quick, easy way to exfoliate, get rid of dry skin and leaves your lips feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

5 Best Lip Balms for Men

Lip Balm
Dr. Barbara Sturm - £40

Lip Balm/Vanilla & Watermelon
Grown Alchemist - £15

Agave + Weekly Lip Scrub
BITE - £11

Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 30
Salt & Stone - £5

Bee’s Wax Lip Balm
Burt's Bees - £3.99