Tomorrow marks the start of one of our favourite charity traditions, Movember. If you follow our brother initiative, Let's Get Men Talking, you will know that mental health and suicide prevention are extremely important to our team. By taking part in Movember, 'whatever you grow will save a bro'. To give you the very best chance of growing greatness, here are our very best products to help you grow and maintain greatness through your beard, moustache or burns this Movember.


Firstly, it's important to recognise that Movember is more than just a bit of bearded fun, it's an important cause that helps to save men's lives. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK and Movember have funded over 1,250 men's health causes globally. Each year, Movember make more of an effort to ensure as many people as possible can support this movement. Even if growing a beard isn't an option for you, you can still support.

Whether you choose to raise money or awareness, head to their website to find out the different ways that you can get involved.


What you need to know before you start to grow that mo.

Does an itchy beard mean it's growing?

Should you grow a beard, a moustache or sideburns this month, the sudden growth of facial hair can disturb your skin and cause discomfort, hence why the term 'why is growing a beard so itchy' churns up over 2.1 million articles. Whilst itching can be seen as a positive sign that your beard is growing, it's important to understand why it's itching.

Why is growing a beard so itchy?

The discomfort of growing a beard stems from shaving. When you cut the hair follicle with a razor, you create a blunt edge. The growth of the new, blunt hairs actually creates lots of little cuts as they break through your skin to grow out of it.

How long will itching last when growing a new beard?

Itching can be expected to last 1-2 weeks as the new hair breaks through the skin. During this time, the new hair can collect dirt making it extremely important that you wash your face.

Why do I get ingrown hairs on my face?

Whilst many of the blunt hairs will manage to break through your skin, some will not, especially if the skin is dry. The hair may stay below the surface of the skin and create a red pimple or white head.


How can I reduce itching when growing facial hair?

There is one way to reduce itching and grow the best possible beard or moustache this Movember - create a foolproof skincare routine consisting of the following steps.

In the morning:

  • wash your hands

  • wash your face with warm water and a gentle exfoliator, or dry brush your face and wash it after

  • splash cool water over your face to finish

  • moisturise whilst your face is still damp

In the evening or after exercise you may repeat these steps using a normal facewash without exfoliant.

How do I reduce ingrowing hair when growing a beard?

Ingrowing hairs are hairs that struggle to push through the surface of the skin. This will be improved with the skincare routine above. Why?

  • exfoliating your skin using small circular motions will help to remove dead cells and to unclog pores which will allow the hairs to break through the skin

  • washing your face using warm water will open, and clean the pores

  • splashing your face with cold water will help to close the pores now they are clean and soft, helping to defend against dirt

  • the moisturiser will ensure the skin is hydrated and soft, creating a better environment for hairs to grow through the skin


For those of you diving into another year of Movember, you are yet to unleash your greatest weapons.

‘F*cking Fabulous’ conditioning beard oil by Tom Ford

This product leads the way for a lightweight conditioning treatment.

The blend of vitamin E, almond, jojoba and grapeseed oils condition and soften your beard, leaving it feeling nourished and smelling incredible.

Argan Oil by Arganic

Not only is this product great for beard care, but it can also be used on your face, body and hair. Remember: a few tiny drops go a long way!

Beard Oil by Alchemy Oils

Deriving from ancient Indian ayurvedic hair-growing techniques, Alchemy Oils have created the best beard oil to help nourish your beard and stimulate hair growth.

Beard Balm by Percy Nobleman

An all-time favourite and an excellent purchase. The Percey Nobleman Beard Balm is a natural blend of beeswax, shea butter and essential oils. Not only taming but also providing a light shine to your facial hair.